About Aerial Video Maui

We create stylized videos so you can survive in your niche market.  Owner Jake Miller began his passion for videography and photography 13 years ago. He has been living on Maui, Hawaii for 19 years.  In 2017 Aerial Video Maui, LLC has received a Part 107 Certification for commercial drone use.  We specialize in videography and photography from the land and air and capture our images in a unique and cinematic way. Jake has had over 4 million views with the videos he has created for his clients and he understands that the look of your media content and message makes a huge difference for you and your business.

Our Drone Photo and Video Service

The services we offer can take you places you’ve never been or provide a new perspective on those you already love. Our mission is to provide you with the best aerial video and photography service on the planet with the ability to shoot in 4k. We tailor and customize each service to fulfill your aerial and land, video and photography at an affordable price with excellent and timely service. Aerial Video Maui specializes in business promotional videos, commercial properties, real estate video listings, action sports, community events, corporate events, music videos, outdoor adventures and more. Our videos and images have a quality that appeals to broad demographic that keeps our clients coming back for more.  Give us a call at (808) 250-6055 or email to book your shoot today!